4-H Curriculum Enrichment

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Egg to Chick

Incubating and hatching chicken eggs is a hands on learning experience you can use with students from kindergarten to 12th grade. Classroom experiments with chicken embryos can help you teach complex systems such as nutrition and circulatory system, or more basic skills such as data measurement, collection, and analysis. These projects help students learn biological concepts and develop a deeper understanding of the life sciences. Examining embryos at different stages of growth, and observing a beating heart are just two of the projects you can use.


Egg to Chick Resource



Color Me Healthy

Color Me Healthy is designed to engage children in nutrition to improve happiness and health. This interactive program encourages children to have healthy eating practices for a positive impact in their ability to recognize what healthy foods are and willingness to try new healthy foods. They get to participate together with their classmates in story time, where learning about fruits and vegetables is fun and exciting. Children get to taste different healthy foods so they can try new things to enjoy and eat. With this program, the activities and lessons inspire community involvement with teachers, children, and families.

Color Me Healthy Resource



Learn, Grow, Eat & Go

This program is designed for children to provide them with hands-on and academic achievement through engaging lessons and activities in learning about the variety of food, such as vegetables and fruits, to improve health and wellness. These activities teach about nutrition, how-to gardening, and help children discover new favorite foods to enjoy. With Learn, Grow, Eat & Go, children have a fun opportunity in learning more about how food is grown and prepared that encourages school and family engagement, where everyone can learn valuable knowledge from it.


Learn, Grow, Eat & Go Resource

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